Some additional info that you’ve been asking lately

1)      WTC accommodation process

All team captains will be asked for the following things for their accommodation:

Send an email that contains, for each player:

1) Surname

2) Name

3) Country(some countries take mercs)

4) T-shirt size

5) Food preferences (some may be vegetarians, or have allergies)

If you don’t have all this information yet, you can always complete it later.

Email should be titled: WTC [Country Team# Name of the team if possible] for example WTC [Poland Team#1 Poland WHITE] and sent to

WTC participants get premium standard rooms. There are many different types of rooms, such as small flats, President apartments, Apartments, 2-man rooms and single rooms.

After the email is sent our folks (Mirek & Magdalena) responsible for accommodation in the hotel will respond with an offer. For example: If the team agrees to take President apartment for five persons? If the team agrees on the terms, the room will be assigned to them.

After the team buys their plane tickets we will kindly ask to also send another email with arrival time. (See the info in point 4 below)

2)      Additional hotel night

An additional hotel night can be paid on site, before and after the event, the hotel will be nearly empty, so there is no need to prepay for it.

The price is circa 30 Euro for Bed&Breakfast in premium standard rooms per person.

Those who plan to arrive on Thursday, please contact us a month before event so you will get your right rooms for the rest of event. (This will avoid getting some random rooms before event and moving into a right one on Friday)

3)      Additional people

Unfortunately premium standard rooms will be nearly full, that means all the extra people that want to come (like: spectators, coaches, friends etc.) will have to take basic standard rooms same like all the SoloMasters participants.

Those who want to come should also register at with the following data:

1) Surname

2) Name

3) Country

4) Room preference

5) Food preference (some may be vegetarians, or have allergies)

The email should be titled: visitor [Surname Name] this will help us during the accommodation process.

The price for Basic Standard room is 55 Euro (Friday to Sunday + Full Board + Bus from/to Airport)

I fully understand that some of you may like to come with wife/girlfriend and like to share the same private room. That can be done but we need to know beforehand and have to check if possible. WTC participants have precedence in premium standard rooms after we provide each participant a right room we can make some changes and offer a room for a couple.

4)      Ground transport from/to Airports (Katowice and Krakow)

As we promised we will organize buses for all the participants of event from airports on Friday and back to airports on Sunday evening and Monday morning. We will start to plan the bus schedules when we will start getting emails confirming the flights times from their captains. Most probably we will organize buses on Friday morning and afternoon so all the participants will be able to reach the hotel before supper time and the BeerMachine event.


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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One Response to Some additional info that you’ve been asking lately

  1. Denis says:

    Hi, when does the latest bus depart from Krakow airport? I play in one of the swedish teams. My plane lands at 21.30 on Friday. So how can i reach the venue?

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