We’d like to proudly announce that SoloMasters reached 64 attendants!!!! That is marvelous!!

The list is closed by now. (I will start ‘waiting list’ just in case if someone drop his place)
Those who didn’t update their info are kindly asked to do it 😉

I still update the list with payments.

You will start soon getting messages from about accommodation.

Full list:
you will receive massages from this email about your accommodation status.

1) Korlee Toni [Cygnar Finland]
2) Oskarsson Jakob [TrollBloods Sweden]
3) Ranta Niko [Skorne Finland]
4) Dan Cunningham [Menoth England]
5) Eliot Kimpton [Circle England]
6) Chris Berry [Khador England]
7) Domonic Leedham [Cygnar England]
8) Matthew Darvill
9) Conor Burnell
10) Johan Dyrlind
11) Fredrik Söderman
12) Tom Fretwell
13) Linderup Gustav [Cryx Sweden]
14) Fredrik Spåre
15) Mika Ketola
16) Viktor Larsson
17) Emanuel Belander [Legion Sweden]
18) Leif Bøhli
19) Espen Dahl
20) Ledin Niclas [Minions Sweden]
21) Mikkel Christensen
22) Svanborg Hugo [ Mercenaries Sweden]
23) Benjamin Hyvönen
24) Filip Zingmark
25) Erik Öhman
26) Jakob Oskarsson [TroolBloods Sweden]
27) Kongsgaard Peter [RoS Denmark]
28) Peter Bom Jensen
29) Hermanni Raatevaara
30) Anna Morley [Legion England]
31) Stephan Easton [CoC England]
32) Irzyk Jakub [Legion Poland]
33) Baran Tomasz [TrollBloods Poland]
34) Czerwiński Tadeusz [Khador Poland]
35) Żebrowski Krzysztof [Circle Poland]
36) Robinson Simon [Cryx/Circle England]
37) Henneli John [Cygnar Norway]
38) Bates Joshua [Cygnar Australia]
39) Sury Philipp [Trollbloods Switzerland]
40) Bates Peter [Skorne Australia]
41) Cowper Trevor [TroolBloods Australia]
42) Levay Burman Tobias [Cryx Sweden]
43) Górski Krzysztof [Cryx Poland]
44) Ozdarski Jan [ Poland]
45) Kawecki Krzysztof [Cryx Poland]
46) Corneliussen Ole [Menoth Norway]
47) Dyhre-Poulsen Peter Cornelius [Cygnar Denmark]
48) Søren Kongsgaard [Cygnar Denmark]
49) Surepi Gil [Khador Denmark]
50) Andreas Bernrieder [Khador Germany]
51) Martin Bernrieder [Cryx Germany]
52) Rodler Peter [Troolbloods Denmark]
53) Kacprzyk Grzegorz [Legion Poland]
54) Kvolbaek Martin [Skorne Denmark]
55) Lisiewski Tomasz [Menoth Poland]
56) Królicki Konrad [Mercenaries Poland]
57) Bondár Attila Miklós [CoC Hungary]
58) Bondár Mihaly [Cryx Hungary]
59) Kruk Paweł [Orboros Poland]
60) Blados Paweł [Orboros Poland]
61) Guzowski Wojciech [Mercenaries Poland]
62) Andersson Robin [Troolblods Sweden]
63) Galea Omar [RoS Malta]
64) Dobros Tomasz [Mercenaries Ireland]



About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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