SoloMasters info

this is official thread for SoloMasters at PP Forums

you will find there full info (that is also below) and sign up list.

Those marked green on the list are the ones that I have been confirmed about their payment. (It is still work in progress to update the list with those who paid already)

100 Euro entrance
Payment can be made either through bank transfer (preferred) or through PayPal
Payments should be made till 31.08.2014

Bank account
Account number/ IBAN : BE 24 9730 8258 6238
Bank Name: Argenta

PayPal Account

After payment confirm your registration at:

and this is very important to confirm your registration also at:

Topic name has to look like this: SoloMasters [Surname Name]

This will help us during registrations

We will start accommodation processes for SoloMasters at May that is why it is important to send us your sign up also at second email from which you will receive massages with your accommodation status.

the confirmation email has to contain:
1) Surname

2) Name

3) Faction

4) Country

5) T-Shirt size

6) Room prefers (Single rooms are limited and some of you may like to come with a friend and share the same room such info will help us to divide all participants into right accommodation)

*7) Food prefers (If someone is a vegetarian, or anything like that we have to know before event)

What you get is:
• Hotel room basic standard (Friday till Sunday)
• Full board (Friday: Dinner/Supper depends on arrivals, Saturday: Breakfast , Dinner + Applepie, Supper BBQ depends on weather, Sunday: Breakfast, Dinner+cheesecake)
• Professional tables with at least 6 terrains
• Chessclock for each table
• Objectives, flags and zones in SR colors (Blue, Red, Grey)
• 4 International judges
• SoloMasters T-shirt
• Cardboard tray for army.
• MicroArtStudio 3,2,1,0.5 inch widget
• Brochure (booklet) that will contain all the information about the event (tournament schedule, when do the meals start and ends, when each round starts etc.) there will be also information visible all over the place on each board wall, doors etc.
• Two people record the results of each round
• Special prizes for top 10 + Best painted army, there will be special trophies for TOP 3(There will be also special prices for Best General or Fastest CK)
• Wi-Fi
• Guarded parking (if someone plan to travel by car)
• Medcare and Security
• Bus from Airport (We will give info soon about buses from Katowice and Krakow airports that will transport participants straight to venue)

Solo Masters rules:
• Masters rules pack
• 50pts
• 3rosters
• Army paint: Base Line (you don’t have to bring full painted army but best painted armies will be awarded)
• Deathclock (1hour for each player that gives 2hours per round)

Venue information:
„Orle Gniazdo” Conference Center in Szczyrk, Poland
(Wrzosowa 28a Street, 43-370 Szczyrk, Poland)


Questions will be answered at: (the fastest way to get info)





About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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