Additional info and venue details

Some details have been finalized, and we would like to share this with you:

Warmachine/Hordes World Team Championship 2014

The event will be held in the Ole Gniazdo Conference Center in Szczyrk, Poland: Website – Google Maps

Participation will be limited to 2 teams per country.

The final ticket price will be 650€ per team. (So teams who have already paid the deposit only pay 550€).

As before, the ticket should cover most of your needs the entire weekend, including:

o Entry to the WTC 2014.
o Hotel room Friday-Sunday (Premium Standard rooms)
o Full board Friday-Sunday, including BBQ on Friday evening.
o Swag bag, booklet, etc.
o Free Wi-Fi.
o …

There will be a bus shuttle service from Katowice and Kraków airports on Friday (morning and evening). If there is enough demand, a bus shuttle from Warsaw can be arranged, but this will likely not be free.

For people wishing to stay extra days, this will be possible on an individual basis, and will cost around 30€/day for bed & breakfast and around 50€ for full board.

WTC Solo Masters 2014

As most of you are aware, this year there will also be a companion event for people who want to join the party, but are not into team play or did not make the teams. This will be a 64-player, 6 round Masters format event (will not require painted armies).

The ticket price for the Solo Masters event is 100€.

This assumes Basic Standard rooms; depending on availability some upgrades to Premium Standard rooms may be available for +30€. Otherwise, the conditions are identical to those of the team event.

Those wanting to register for the Solo Masters can contact us at


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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17 Responses to Additional info and venue details

  1. noddin1982 says:

    So the Singles ticket is €100 with exactly same meal, accomodation (basic but not premium) and shuttle bus options as the team players?

  2. Yes, the only difference is the room.

  3. noddin1982 says:

    Are the rooms on the singles event a single room? or will we be rooming with someone?

  4. PG_Simon99 says:

    Hello noddin1982,
    There will be available some single rooms and there will be limited possibility to choose which room you want.

    With regards,
    Szymon ‘Simon99’ Ratka

  5. Rorin says:

    Is there a confirmation for registering to the solo masters?

  6. bakaryu says:

    Is there a cut off date to book for the single masters and pay for it?

  7. Jeff Galea says:

    Re: Team accommodation. It states Friday-Sunday. Does this mean we have to pay extra to stay on Sunday night (if we wanted to check out on Monday)?

    Thank you.
    Jeff Galea (Team Australia)

    • Hi Jeff,

      The event end on Sunday, so if you want to stay until Monday (which you can, of course), it does cost a little bit extra.

      This will cost around 30€/day for bed & breakfast and around 50€ for full board.

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  9. Hi.

    Will we recieve a confirmation for our spot in the single event when you’ve registered our payment?


    Espen Dahl

  10. Last-Knight says:

    Is the bus shuttle service only available on friday? Or also on sunday evening/monday morning?

  11. Avessalom says:

    What time on friday will the last shuttle leave Krakow airport?

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