Pre-registration for the 2014 WTC

Let’s talk about the road to the 2014 WTC!

This year, in order to preserve continuity, countries will be allowed to pre-register a team if they have participated in the previous WTC.

As before, there will be 32 team slots available, and countries will be limited to a maximum of 2 slots. As our objective is to bring together as many countries as possible, priority will again be given to any country’s first team over countries doubling up.

For that reason, only one team per country can pre-register. In the event that 2 specific teams from a single country pre-register, the tie-break goes to the best placing team in the previous WTC. The other team will of course still be put on the registration list.

Pre-registration will open November 14th. The following people are eligible to pre-register a team, in order of priority:

1/ A representative of an objective selection body with recognized national standing and/or a history in the WTC selection process (approval from the WTC committee required).
2/ 3 players from a single team that represented that country the previous year.
3/ A Team Captain for a team that represented that country the previous year.

Requests should be made to, and one person should be named as a point of contact until Team Captains are known.

When your submission is confirmed, we will request a non-refundable deposit of 100 EUR, which will count towards the ticket price for the team. The full team ticket price is expected to be around 600 EUR.

Indicative registration dates for the 2014 WTC are as follows:

November 14th 2013: Pre-registration for legacy teams.
December 1st: public registrations through the website will open to other countries’ first teams.
February 2nd 2014: registrations will open for countries’ second teams.
March 31st: final payment is due, all teams are confirmed (team roster not yet required).
August 31st: Army lists and team rosters are due.
Early October: 2014 World Team Championship!


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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16 Responses to Pre-registration for the 2014 WTC

  1. Mcpolle says:

    I would really like to know what we are getting for our money, in 2013, we knew exactly what we were signing up for, in the ways of food and accommodation, so can we at least have an idea of what we are getting for our money, before we actually need to pay,

    • Expect at the least the same deal as last year, the idea is to keep that part consistent across events. So room, board and he tournament included as a minimum. We should be able to post a few details, it’s a fair enough point.

  2. Jaakko says:

    I think this was covered in the Polish offer they proposed to the WTC Commitee (and then to team captains who voted). It wasn’t public at that point, but maybe it could now be?

    What I’d eagerly like to hear is how are the second teams going to be handled? If the total number of teams is capped at 32 it looks very likely that some contries do not get a second team even if they’d like. How it is decided who gets to bring two teams?

    • We have come up with a point system that ranks countries on a number of criteria, like size, distance, but mainly on the competitive results from the last edition. We’ll have some more info on that closer to the February registration period for 2nd teams.

      • Jaakko says:

        Hopefully you’ll publish the criteria soon as it would at least help to determine if we have a decent chance to get a second team. If the total population of a country is a factor at least we Finns probably have very little chance (and I’m personally not sure it represents the strenght of WM/H community at all). Or maybe a bit remote distance from central Europe but inside Europe helps in the point system! 😉

        On the other hand if results from this year are considered first (even though we didn’t do that well) then we might be able to get more in as there definitely is interest around here.

      • Moritz says:

        How is the current situation? Which countries are permitted to send two teams?

      • Hi Moritz,

        The current signup period is until Feb 1st, then second slots will open up. These won’t be final until the end of that period, because there might still be ‘first teams’ registering.

        We’ll talk some more about the criteria for which country can get two teams when we announce second team signups.

  3. Alrick says:

    What would legionnaire policy look like? What’s the maximum number of non-country players allowed? Imagine there’s a country with small WMH community that would love to tap into neighbors’ resources to field a good team – to what extent would that be possible?

    • We mentioned in a previous post that, if it was a matter of a country not finding 5 players able to come, we would consider loose geographical regions for a slot. However, the purpose of this should not be to make a better team, but to increase the amount and diversity of attending countries/regions.

      For mercenary players, the rule is currently a maximum of one, and then only under exceptional circumstances (subject to approval from the committee). We don’t want to dilute the national focus of the teams.

  4. Rickard says:

    Silly question but I didn’t see it addressed in the post. Which time zone are we talking about for the application? Glorious Sweden is eager, you see.

  5. mcpolle says:

    Do we get a confirmation of receipt, of the pre registration??

  6. mcpolle says:

    when will you put a list up of tems pre registered??

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