Player spotlight: Michal Konieczny

The spotlight turns to Michal Konieczny, Captain of Team Poland Red.

Michal’s lists were:


Baldur the Stonesoul

• Megalith
• Ghetorix
• Feral Warpwolf
• Woldwatcher
• Gorax

Shifting Stones
• Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones
Gallows Grove
Celestal Fulcrum


Morvahna the Dawnshadow
• Warpwolf Stalker
• Gorax

Warpborn Skinwalkers Max
• Warpborn Alpha
Wolves of Orboros Max
• Wolves of Orboros Officer and Standard
Tharn Wolfriders Max
Shifting Stones
• Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones
Gatorman Witch Doctor
War Wolf
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Same question to you, Michal, tell us a little more about who you are and where you are from?


My gaming history starts with MtG around 2000. Luckily, I never got very competitive with MtG, and around 2 years later moved to Warhammer Fantasy. I have played Orcs, Skaven and Dark Elves and got to the point where I was able to consistently do well in big tournaments. Somewhere along the road (around 2007 I guess) my Warhammer friends decided to try something new just for fun, and it happened to be Warmachine & Hordes.

I knew I wanted to play Hordes. Judging by the looks, I was drawn to Trollbloods, but two of my friends already called dibs on them, so I read some fluff and decided Circle is the faction for me. I consider this to be one of the best decision in my wargaming life :D. My first warlock was Krueger1, and he is still my favourite character in IK setting. I played both WFB and WM&H for some time, but since I didn’t have time to continue playing both, I took the release of 8ed Warhammer as an excuse to quit it. I have played Circle ever since.

I’m lucky to play in Kraków, where we have a sizable WM&H community that’s been growing quite fast recently (Big thanks to our PG Yaro). I don’t get a lot of practice games, around 2­-3 a week during game night at our LGS plus usually one tournament a month. This leads me to change lists very often, and I can’t say I’ve really mastered any of my Circle builds (neither do I have a favourite list I always go back to).

Before WTC I played internationally at OETC in Salzburg in 2011 and 2012, and Nordic Open 2012. I’m hoping to do some more Warmachine ­related traveling in 2014.

So what kind of primal cunning went into your warlock selection and list building?

My teammates were convinced I should play eMorvahna, and I didn’t really resist ­ she’s a very powerful choice and I like playing more infantry­-centered builds.

The other warlock choice was not as obvious, but when we decided we want a solid answer to double Colossal builds, eBaldur seemed like the best choice. My role in the team would be the ‘all­arounder’, which meant I would probably never get very good matchups and had to be prepared to face almost anything. Since there was little room to tinker with eBaldur list, I needed eMorvahna to include some models that are good against his bad matchups ­ mostly Cryx. Which is why you can see my list have Witch Doctor and Wolf Riders. You may ask why I didn’t take a dedicated anti­Cryx caster like Kromac or
Cassius… And I’m not sure what I would answer. One thing is that I had two lists that I can quite comfortably drop against most Factions, another is that I simply had no time to playtest another warlock before WTC.

Did you enjoy yourself at the event?


The event itself was everything I counted on and more. I had great fun talking and drinking with Norwegians, Russians, Irish, Finns and many others. The organizers and participants made WTC into a truly epic tournament that I’ll probably not forget (thanks to the trophy sitting on my shelf, haha!). I’ve faced very good players who were also excellent sportsmen, all my games went smoothly without the need to involve a judge.

As for my games, I managed to settle some scores ­ in game one I played Jaakko from Team Finland who has beaten me in round one of Nordic Open, but this time I was victorious after another very close game. Next round we faced Austria, and as it happens Austrians were the only ones to beat my team in OETC 2011. Although I lost my game against Stefan, the team won so I consider this grudge settled 🙂 Since there were no Australians participating, the last objective was to beat Rickard from Sweden, who’s taken Polish Champion title last year, beating me and two of my teammates in the process. This one will have to wait till another time though, as Americans got him first 🙂

Thanks Michal, and once again congratulations to your team!


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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2 Responses to Player spotlight: Michal Konieczny

  1. Michal Konieczny says:

    There’s a funny typo there: “I don’t get a lot of practice games, around 2­3 a week” should be “2-3 a week”. I don’t live in a game store, you know… 😉

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