Player spotlight: Marcin “Herudaio” Mycek

We caught up with Marcin Mycek of Team  Poland Red, to ask him some questions about his experience at the 2013 WTC:

Marcin’s lists:


Kommander Orsus Zoktavir: Mad Dogs of War Tier 3
•           Devastator
Doom Reavers
•           Greylord Escort
Doom Reavers
•           Greylord Escort
Doom Reavers
Doom Reavers
Doom Reavers
Doom Reavers
Doom Reavers
Yuri the Axe


Karchev the Terrible
•           Behemoth
•           Spriggan
•           Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker
Alexia Ciannor and the Risen
Assault Kommandos Min
•           Assault Kommando Flame Throwers x3
Battle Mechaniks Min
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Iron Fang Kovnik
Dirty Meg
•           Mule

So Marcin, who are you, where are you from, and what is the Warmachine community like there?


I’m Marcin Mycek from Poland, on the forums I go by Herudaio. I’m a Mk II player, and have been playing for around 3 years now. I played GW LotR for long time before starting my journey with Warmachine and Hordes.

I come from Kraków, where we have a strong backbone of Mk I players, but in the last year the number of players has drastically increased and we have around 20-25 active players.

In the Polish scene, we have around 40-80 really active players that travel to other cities for bigger tournaments and around 3-4 times of that less mobile/motivated players.

How did you choose your warcasters, what considerations went into producing your lists? What are your thoughts on the current competitive field, and how did your list choice address that?

It’s never good to be average. If you are taking only good, well-rounded pairs of casters you are bound to play good, well-rounded matches. It will never be bad, but it is not putting any pressure on an opposing team during the pairing process. You won’t get bad matchups, you have taken well-rounded casters after all, but most of the time you don’t get particularly good ones either – you cannot force them.

Last year (at the OETC –Ed.), the role of my Khador was to be paired with favorable matchups and push the result. pButcher from back then was especially good against Skorne, Khador mirrors, Minions, Trolls of all sorts etc. Since that time a lot has changed in Warmachine. Khador is in recession, there are more tools to deal with Iron Flesh, Skorne got Mammoth, which when using eHexeris is more than enough to deal with classic infantry Khador etc.

Based on this we decided to switch role of Khador to be a bully, namely to take eButcher theme with Doom Reavers. Some of the armies, especially Legion never want to face them with typical builds.Because of this you can force matchups in you favour. If you offer Doomreavers plus something else in the pairing process,
you force them to choose the other player. In addition there are usually 2, sometimes 3 armies that can play against Doomreavers, which also allows us to predict how the pairing process will go and plan for it.

The second list was originally designed as an answer to “Khadoran Problems”. Doomreavers have some additional problems in comparison to typical Khadoran infantry (lack of Pathfinder), but solve others (Legion) really well, so previously started Karchev project was a way to go. My only game at WTC with him was very close (a dozen models on a table, 90 seconds on the opponent’s clock), but I deathclocked first 🙂

I really wanted to play that list a bit more, but it does not have really good matchups, though it has a lot of very equal ones. So usually it was wiser to have other players get better matchups with me forced into Doomreavers.


Do you recall any particularly memorable moments in your games during the event?

My toughest moment was definitely during the match against Germany Red. I screwed up my match totally letting my opponent (Leif Barleben – he avenged our game from last year by totally outwitting me this time, I’m going to have my revenge as well next year 😉 ) exploit the only possible way to win that game.

We tested a similar game scenario with Saeryn – Fire Support can be won in two turns on one side of the board only. You prepare to invade a flag with an enemy objective. If you go second you can dominate the flag and destroy the objective scoring 3 points and feat. The next turn you clear the zone and score last two points- but by the time I remembered that eKrueger can go for the same trick it was already too late. He dominated the flag, feated and put up Megalith animus. We were 2-1 at that time with bad things happening for our Cryx player Orkish, but he managed to grab the game and win it, saving ours team’s ass 🙂

I think all games will be memorable for me, especially the pairing process. No match was easy, we faced 5 exceptionally skilled teams and it was a rocky road to the end from the very start.

Big thank you for great matches to Finland Blue, Austria Red, Germany Red and Black and USA Blue and really good games as well to Teppo Aro,Adrian Weygandt, Leif Barleben Janos Sälzer and Will Pagani. This weekend was a blast and I really can’t wait until next year!

Thanks Marcin!


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  1. Kriegsspiele says:

    Thanks for this very cool interview! Marcin, would love to read some batreps about your 5 games at the WTC.

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