WTC army lists transcription errors and bonding update.

When Maudlin and MattieK posted up the WTC army lists to each of their sites, there were some transcription errors. We also wanted to post up what bonds existed in the lists. Below you will find the complete list of updates we are making. Also, one of Team Wales’ players had to drop and so their replacement player will take his spot and use his own lists.

Our Khador Player Gábor Wolf is bringing Butcher3 and not Butcher2.

Prime Sweden
Gustav Linderup has the Stormclad on Haley2 bonded to her.

Michael Dick: In the Cassius list the Bone Grinders are a max unit.

there is a bonded bronzeback in my Lord Arbiter Hexeris list.

Epic Sweden
– There’s a space in the pMorvahna list on maudlin between skins and trackers, should not be there maybe?
– The stormclad is bonded in the eHaley list.

João Morais – List 1 – Lord Tyrant Hexeris
This list is missing that is a Tier list – Kingdom of Shadow Tier 1

Nuno Sequeira – List 2 – Lord Exhumator Scaverous
The Necrotech at the end of the list does not have Scrap Thralls. It is a
free entry due to the Tier list

Bonds missing
Paulo Morais – List 1 – Feora2 – Redeemer
Miguel Marques – List 2 – Haley2 – Stormwall
João Nunes – List 2 – Sorscha2 – Spriggan

Finland Blue
Jaakko Uusitupa
In my list the Stormclad is bonded to eHaley. No other bonds in our team.

Small mistakes in Russian lists:
Dmitry Khalansky – add bond to Stormwall in eHaley list
Artem Volik – In Madrak2 stone scribes are listed as attach to burrowers
Correct name of our player is Evgeny Orelkin

Rhys Philips must drop. Kailam Dale will be his replacement. We need to add in his lists.
Doug Fazzani’s eHaley list should have one of the Stormwalls bonded to Haley.
Aaron Boyhan’s epic feora list, the jack bonded is the judicator.

Epic England
Phil Shaw’s list: add a Sentinel

Pavel Bednar has a max unit of Cataphract Cetrati in his Fist of Halaak Xerxis list.
Martin’s list also runs a max unit of them in his Mordikaar list.
Our eHaley has the Stormclad bonded.

In Benoît Céré’s Skorne Mordikaar list, Cataphract Arcuarii should be MAX instead of MIN (as it is currently appearing on endgamegaming). Indeed, Leader and 5 Grunts is the max unit.

Henrik Ekholm (Skorne): Both lists have MAX beast handlers, not min.
Moritz Schwank (Khador): Mechaniks are MAX, not min.

Danish White
Haley 2 bonds with a stormwall.

Team Austria 2
Stefan Mader’s Mordikaar List contains max Cetrati+Vorkesh not a min unit.

Team Norway 2
The Judicator is bonded to Feora2 in Endre Fodstads list.
The Stormwall is bonded to Stryker2 in Leif Henning Bøhlis list.
Thorn is bonded to Haley2 in John Hennelis list.

Team Belgium II
=>in C. Smit’s list, Stormwall is bonded to EHaley
=>in M. Llegem’s list, Judicator is bonded to EFeora
=> M. Llegem noticed that on EndGaming, his lists were including min Choirs where it should be max.

Team Norway 1 – Gard Andresen Cygnar has one Stormwall bonded to epic Haley.


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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2 Responses to WTC army lists transcription errors and bonding update.

  1. Team USA’s bonding information:

    Team 1
    Brian White – Redeemer

    Team 2
    Billy Robin – Stormwall
    Mike Puryer – Judicator

  2. Kai from Austria 1 has in his eFeora list, the Choir is listed as “min”, although it should be “max”.

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