Upcoming deadline and rules pack changes.

The Committee has made two small changes to the rules pack which is available here. They are:

  • Chess clocks will be provided so bringing one is optional.
  • Clarified that tables for each game will be randomly assigned.

Also the Committee wanted to remind the teams about an upcoming deadline for Saturday August 31st at 23:59 CET:

  • Team captains are required to confirm their team line ups by this deadline.
  • Any reserve players should be listed at this time as well.
  • Army lists for all players (including reserve players) in the team are also due by this deadline.
  • The entire team’s lists should be prepared in a list builder similar to Forward Kommander and sent as a single email to committee@wmh-wtc.com.
  • It is also permissible for players to type in their lists into the official SR2013 army sheet. This file is available from the WTC website.
  • Lists will be published all at once to the website as soon as they are checked.

–The WTC Committee

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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2 Responses to Upcoming deadline and rules pack changes.

  1. Jocke Rapp says:

    Regarding reserve players. On the Facebook-page you wrote: “It would be preferable that any potential reserve players would submit lists with along with everyone else. Although with the possible complexity of team list combinations it would be fine for a reserve player to submit two different sets of lists and to then select a pair when he/she officially steps in.”

    Is this still correct? So say we have a Legion player in our team and a Legion reserve player. Can the reserve player submit one set of lists that he uses in case he has to replace the Legion player and another set of lists to use if he replaces one of the other players?

    • Yes, that would be very good actually. Would make things very clear on what is supposed to happen. Note that all the lists would be published so that there are no surprises. Just specify how each of the reserve lists would be used (as you mentioned above for example).

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