WTC not-for-profit status and logistics update

Dear WTC attendees,

It has come to our attention that some of you have questions about the sleeping facilities and accommodations in general. In an effort to answer some questions and take away worries you may have, here is a review of the facilities.

Keep in mind that we had two basic goals when we sought out venue options. First of all, we wanted to have a single venue where the group could all stay together. This was to encourage camaraderie and forge new ties of friendship between communities that would otherwise not get to meet. To us, this is as important as the gaming. Second, we wanted to offer good value for the money so that players felt they were getting as low a cost as possible for a complete package of room, food, and beverages.

Sleeping facilities

Our venue is aimed at youth groups. As such, the comfort level is very basic, but the facilities are well maintained and clean. Every bed has a mattress, clean sheets, blankets and a pillow. Every building has a set of separate showers that are clean.

The rooms, and the number of beds in the rooms, tend to vary a bit. The vast majority of the other rooms are 4-person rooms. There is also 1 ten-person, 1 nine, 1 seven and 2 six-person sleeping rooms with bunk beds. Given the fact that teams consist of 5 people, this will mean there is a chance you’ll have to share a room with some of the players of a different team, although we will try to avoid this as much as possible.

Costs and Not-for-profit

We also heard some concerns that 150€ was a high amount of money for what we are offering. To address this we wanted to be transparent about a few things.

1) After the event is over, we are more than happy to make our numbers public. Right now decisions are still being made that make the expenses difficult to report.

2) We made the WTC a “not-for-profit organisation” to organise the events. We do not expect to make much profit on this event, if any. If we do have a bit of money left after the event, every cent will stay in this non-profit organisation account. It is our hope we can use this money to pay advance deposits on gaming halls for countries that organise the event in years to come, as well as chipping in if all goes bad one year and the organising country, despite careful planning, ends up with a deficit (as has happened with other similar events). This year, the seed money was provided by the WTC Committee out of their own pockets.

3) Belgium is a very expensive country, with a very small Warmachine community. However it was the only country that was willing to step up when the call was made for WTC 2013 organisers, so the decision was made to host the event in Belgium. The organisers have worked very hard to overcome the challenges of hosting the event in an expensive country. We believe that we will succeed in our goal, and while perhaps not a perfect solution, it will be more than acceptable. The WTC Committee is currently evaluating applications for the 2014 event, which we are happy to report include many more options.

If there are any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Christophe “WYSiWYG” Dirckx, head of logistics, on behalf of the organising committee.

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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