WTC Committee May 2013 Updates

The Committee recently met and made the following decisions for WTC 2013.

1. The team decided to lower the price of spectator tickets to €100. This price includes admission, lodgings, and all meals. Plus the ability to play pickup games against all the participants. There are only 14 more spectator spots left.

2. The Committee agreed to allow teams to have a non-country affiliated “mercenary” on their team but only under exceptional circumstances. Any decision to admit a mercenary must always be pre-approved by the Committee via email.

3. Our baseline policy on model conversions is that models most of all must not cause confusion on the tabletop. We will allow conversions, including using some (ie a minority of) non-PP parts. Your best guide is the Steamroller conversion guidelines. The Committee requests that players submit pictures of any significantly converted models for approval by sending an email to in advance of the event. Non-approved models found unacceptable on site will not be allow to be used.

–Norbert on behalf of the Committee


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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