WTC team captains being consulted on pre-event information.

The WTC Committee has just sent out a request for information to all the WTC Team Captains. Of interest is whether certain information should be publicized before the event takes place and they wish to consider the opinions of all participants.

In the rules pack, so far we have specified the following:

  • Team Line Up and List Submission: Saturday 31st August 2013
  • Team captains are required to confirm their team line ups by this date.
  • Army lists for all players in the team are also due by this date.
  • The entire team’s lists should be prepared in a list builder similar to and sent as a single email to

Keep in mind the event is held about a month later (Oct 5-6). Also keep in mind the nature of the questions below is typical practice in Europe but unheard of in the USA. Posting this information pre-event can create a bit of buzz and it’s fun to analyze. However it also skews practice ahead of the event.  The questions are:

  1.  Should army lists be posted publicly after the deadline locks them? Is the date realistic for much practice? Should it be earlier?
  2. Should we pre-post the round 1 draw prior to the event? Timing?
  3. Should we pre-post the 5 scenarios we are playing prior to the event? Timing?
  4. If we pre-post scenarios, should we post them in the order that they are played?
  5. Are there other items that we should consider making public?

The Committee looks forward to hearing the feedback so that we can make informed decisions.

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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