Summary of paid entries.

Here is the current status of the team payments and also the spectators and Sunday night stays. For any issues with this list, please email the Committee to resolve them using

Thank you everyone.

I)Austria: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
II)Belgium: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
III)Denmark: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
IV)England: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
V)Finland: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
VI)France: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
VII)Germany: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
VIII)Hungary: 1 team (5) (Paid)
XI)Ireland: 1 team (5) (Payment arrangements pending)
X)Italy: 1 team (5) (Paid)
XI) The Netherlands: 1 team (5) (Paid)
XII)Norway: 2 teams (10) (2 Paid)
XIII)Poland: 2 teams (10) (2 paid)
XIV)Portugal: 1 team (5) (Paid)
XV) Russia: 1 team (5) (Paid)
XVI) Scotland: 1 team (5) (Paid)
XVII)Slovakia: 1 team (5) (Paid)
XVII)Sweden: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
XIX)Switzerland: 1 team (5) (Paid)
XX) USA: 2 teams (10) (Paid)
XI) Wales: 1 team (5) (Paid)

Spectators subscribed to stay for the entire weekend:

I) Dirk Hoppe (Germany) (Paid)

Paying People staying from Sunday till Monday Morning:

I) Team Scotland (1-5)
II) Team Hungary (1-5)

Crew staying from Sunday Till Monday Morning:

I) Bo Bjerregaard – Denmark


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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