Sunday Night Accommodation Registration Open.

Registrations are available for individuals that wish to extend their stay at the WTC accommodation on the Sunday night of the tournament weekend.  Registering for Sunday night accommodation also includes a dinner meal on Sunday evening and breakfast on Monday morning.

The night’s accommodation, dinner on Sunday night and breakfast on Monday costs €35.

People that register for Sunday night accommodation will be listed on this page as they are processed by our team, please leave up to 48 hours to appear before contacting us if you do not immediately appear.

To confirm your accommodation please transfer €35 using one of the two options below.  Remember to include your name in the transaction description so we know who you are!

Bank Account:

Account number/ Iban : BE 24 9730 8258 6238
Bic: ARSP BE 22
Bank Name: Argenta

PayPal Account:

WTC Committee

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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2 Responses to Sunday Night Accommodation Registration Open.

  1. mcpolle says:

    Will it be in the same rooms we would have stayed in before?? Also how many people to a room?? Are there single rooms, double, how is this going to be, would be nice to know a little more about this.


    • The building on site consists of six 4 person bedrooms and six 2 person bedrooms. We will assign rooms once we better understand how many people are turning up, assigning in such way that we attempt to keep people from the same team together as much as possible, as well as any couples.

      Our initial plan is not to have Sunday accommodations in the same building as the one you slept in the nights before, but one close by (a few 100 meters away). However, that can change depending on how many people request Sunday night accommodations. A lot is still in flux but our aim is to make it easiest on everyone involved.

      If you have any more questions about this don’t hesitate to ask.


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