WTC Judges and Code of Conduct

The WTC Committee is pleased to announce the Judging team for the event. Our goal was to find Judges who were both very competent with the rules and with dealing with players at large events.  We also wanted to have as multinational a panel of judges as possible.  We are very pleased with the caliber of volunteers that came forward and became part of the team.

WTC Co-Head Judges
Norbert Brunhuber – USA
Peter Gaublomme – Belgium

WTC Judges
1. Marijn Bierhof – the Netherlands
2. Bo Bjerregaard – Denmark
3. Chris Cawthorne – the UK
4. Wout Maerschalck – Belgium
5. Magnus Matz – Germany
[6. Michael Winters – the USA*]

*Michael expressed an interest but then had trouble getting time off from work to be able to commit. If he is able to come in the end, we will accept him as an extra judge in consideration of the long journey he would be making, in addition to his qualifications.

Judges’ Code of Conduct

1. Each judge will be assigned a set of tables to own for the duration of the event.

2. No floor judge should observe, interact, or make rulings on games that involve a player from his own country. Instead, if such a team is in his territory, he should arrange to have a neighboring judge manage the tables for that round and he will in turn manage a set of tables for that neighboring judge.

3. If there is a disagreement with a floor judge’s ruling, the player may ask to see one of the head judges to review the ruling which is then considered final. A head judge should not rule on a game involving his own countrymen. If neither head judge can accommodate this rule, then they will both need decide on the ruling together, which is then considered final.

4. A head judge may wish to confer with the co-head judge before making a final ruling.

5. All Judges will be encouraged to help develop a list of pre-rulings before the tournament to settle any open rulings currently  being debated by the Infernals so that the players and judges all use the same temporary ruling for the duration of the tournament.

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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