Important Updates to WTC Player Pack.

After a lot of discussion and feedback from the community we have made a few key changes to the tournament format which has been added to the latest version of the WTC Player Pack.

There are two (2) changes in this update.

Round Timing

We originally were going to operate under timed turns however this has been changed to the following format.

Round timings will use the “Big Boy” Death Clock system:

  • Players will use a chess clock to track time spent during their turns.
  • Each player will have 60 minutes available to them to use during the game. Deployment does come out of this time.
  • Each round will go for 2.5 hours from the time the pairings are announced. If the round expires with players having more than 5 minutes left on their clock (between them) it will result in a double loss.
  • Players are allowed to stop the clock for rules queries, toilet breaks and other legitimate reasons.
  • There are no tie breakers to determine the winner. A game can be won be any one of the three methods:
    1. Caster Kill.
    2. Completion of scenario objectives.
    3. An opponent “timing out”.

The Pairing System

We have decided to tweak the pairing system to even out the benefit both teams get regardless of who wins the initial dice roll.

The captains from each team will work together to determine the individual pairings of the players within their teams using the following method:

  • Dice off until there is a winner. The winner gets to choose whether they are Team A, or Team B in the process.
  • Team B captain nominates his/her first player and presents both the player’s lists to the opposing captain.
  • Team A captain then nominates two (2) of his players that are potential opponents for the player. He provides all 4 lists for the 2 players.
  • Team B captain chooses which player from the 2 that will play against the player he first nominated. The one he does not choose remains on the table.
  • Once the first match up is determined, Team B captain will nominate 2 of his remaining players, Team A captain will then choose one of those to face off against the player left on the table from the 1st round pairings.
  • This process continues until all 5 pairings have been done.
  • Note with this system Team A effectively choose 3 of the 5 match ups as choose the 4th match up also determines the 5th.

These updates are now incorporated into the latest WTC Player Pack which you can download here.

WTC Committee

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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7 Responses to Important Updates to WTC Player Pack.

  1. Note that a slight amendment has been made so that deployment does come out of each player’s allotted time.

  2. Denis Korzun says:

    I can’t find information about table sellection in current version of the document. Does player B chooses a table for the first pair after the pair is defined?
    As well there is no info if the lists will be announced in advance. If so is there an exact date?
    Is it allowed to use prime and epic versions of the same warcaster for a player?

  3. Tables are assigned by the organisers randomly; they are not selected by the players.

    List announcements is something we are debating right now with the team captains.

    You may use prime and epic versions of the warcaster by the same player. The only restrictions we have is character restrictions per player and across the entire team, you can’t repeat the same warcaster.

  4. I haven’t seen any debate regarding list publications, so I’m going to assume this is something you’re going to bring up soon 🙂 Another thing that I took for granted and didn’t realize it’s subject to discussion…

  5. Michal, you might be shocked to know that the Americans would find the idea of pre-tournament list publication to be a completely alien concept, and perhaps even very undesireable. This is another instance again of the Committee needing to balance many needs before making a decision.

  6. A trivial matter perhaps – will you be printing the ‘official’ sets of lists for every team (thus ensuring everyone plays exactly what was submitted) like it was at OETC, or are teams required to print & bring lists themselves?

  7. A good question. We will consider what is best. We will either preprint the lists for you, or else, since they may be online, we can let the players bring them and then spot check them against what is online.

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